A short update on projects

I apologise for my utter absence during the past few months. Ever since I returned from Luxor halfway through February, I’ve been incredibly busy. Apart from working two jobs at Leiden University, I’ve been guiding a reading group in hieroglyphs for Mehen, designed a website and book, joined two boards, wrote an article, provided classes on Old and Middle Kingdom private tombs for Huis van Horus, presented a crash course in hieroglyphs during Museumnacht in the RMO, and introduced secondary school pupils to the ancient Egyptian language. It was hectic, but great fun.

For the coming years, I am appointed as Project Coordinator for the ERC project Persia and Babylonia at Leiden University. Next to that, I will be conducting my self-funded PhD research in the fields of Egyptology and Digital Humanities. In November, I’m giving a course on Women in Ancient Egypt for Huis van Horus. Also, there is the publication of the mastaba chapel of Hetepherakhty in the RMO together with René van Walsem, and a possible database project on Abnormal Hieratic with Koen Donker van Heel.

In short, I’m busier than ever, but enjoying myself immensely!

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