Nicky van de Beek has studied both Egyptology (BA, MRes) and Archaeology (BA) at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She graduated cum laude in 2014 with a thesis on two scenes in the mastaba chapel of Hetepherakhty. Together with René van Walsem, she is currently preparing a full scientific publication of this Old Kingdom elite tomb.

Excavation experience includes the New Kingdom necropolis of Saqqara and at Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Luxor. Currently she is involved in the MastaBase project (creating an online database of Old Kingdom elite tomb scenes) and preparing her PhD research. She also runs her own business at maatwebdesign.com.

Through this blog, she would like to express her interest in (digital) Egyptology, Egyptian archaeology, as well as the history of Egyptology and early travellers to Egypt.


Popular articles

Edited volumes

  • Forthcoming: Beek, N. van de and L. Delpeut (eds.), 40 jaar Dispuut Pleyte 2 (2017).
  • Beek, N. van de, L. Delpeut and M. Kersten (eds.), 40 jaar Dispuut Pleyte (2015).

Book reviews

  • Review of Ikram, S., Kaiser, J. and R. Walker (eds.), Egyptian Bioarchaeology. Humans, animals, and the environment (2015), in: BiOr 74 (2017), 94-98.
  • Review of Martin, G.T., The Tomb of Maya and Meryt I (2012), in: BiOr 73 (2016), 372-374.