Online courses

Ancient Egypt: a history in six objects (Joyce Tyldesley and others)
BLUE: a symposium exploring aspects of life in ancient Egypt (Joyce Tyldesley and others)
Egyptian art and culture (Khan Academy)
Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization (University of Pennsylvania)
Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archeology (Harvard University)
Superpowers of the Ancient World: the Near East (University of Liverpool)
Wonders of Ancient Egypt (University of Pennsylvania)


Petrie Museum for Android / iOS | Visitor guide that detects where you are in the museum.


3D Petrie Museum | 3D objects from the Petrie collection.
Amarna 3D | Digital reconstruction of the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna.
Amarna Virtual Museum | 3D models of Amarna objects.
Book of the Dead in 3D | View coffins with Book of the Dead spells in 3D.
British Museum of Sketchfab | 3D models of objects.
Digital Giza | Harvard project with 3D models of the Giza plateau.
Digital Karnak | Maps, videos and 3D models showing the temple’s construction.
Digital Saqqara | Creating a digital landscape model of the Saqqara necropolis.
El-Hibeh | Virtual recreation of the site of el-Hibeh.
Karanis Bath | Fly-through of the Roman baths at Karanis in the Fayum oasis. Includes terrible music, sheep, and a naked guy in a bath tub!
Maya and Meryt | View this awesome statue in 3D.
Ramesseum | CyArk is preparing a 3D model of the Ramesseum at Thebes.
Tomb of Menna & Nakht | Virtual models by Glenn Gunhouse.
Tomb of Nebamun | 3D interactive animation by The British Museum.
Tomb of Tutankhamun | 3D scan by Factum Arte.

360° photography

Amun-Luxor Virtual Tours | Includes the tombs of Pashedu and Tutankhamun, and the Osireion at Abydos.
Describing Egypt | Includes the tombs of Ramesses VI, Horemheb and Sennedjem.
Tomb of Ramses III and Temple of Kom Ombo | By Mohamed Attef Ismail.
Tomb of Seti I | The greatest tomb in the Valley of the Kings.


Djedmontefanch | Zoom in to view this splendid coffin in great detail.


Aton-num | Puzzle together some Amarna talatat.
Meketre | Upload and annotate photos of Middle Kingdom tomb reliefs and paintings.
MicroPasts | Contribute to archaeological research by digitizing data.


BBC Radio 4 In Our Time | With occasional attention to ancient Egypt.
Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt | Very interesting, seems to have ended in 2016.
The History of Egypt Podcast | The story of Egypt as told by Dominic Perry.

Hieroglyph software

Jsesh | Hieroglyphic text editor.
SignWriter | Includes selected texts, hieroglyphic text editor, dictionary and sign list.

Photo software

DStretch | Digital enhancement of pictographs on photos.


Digital epigraphy | Oriental Institute Publication by Krisztián Vértes and the Epigraphic Survey.

Museum search

Egyptological museum search | Search museums by inventory number. A nifty tool by Alexander Ilin-Tomich.


Thot – Thesauri & Ontology | A set of resources for documenting and encoding ancient Egyptian resources in a shared, interoperable approach by Vincent Razanajao.