3D Petrie Museum
3D objects from the Petrie collection.

Amarna 3D
Digital reconstruction of the ancient Egyptian city of Akhetaten/Tell el-Amarna.

Amarna Virtual Museum
3D models of Amarna objects.

Amarna (Aton-num exposition)
Awesome 3D fly-through of ancient Amarna.

Digital Giza
Harvard project with 3D models of the Giza plateau.

Digital Karnak
3D animations showing the temple’s construction.

Giza 3D (Not working anymore?)
Educative large-scale 3D reconstruction of the Giza plateau, with selected tombs.

Karanis Bath
Fly-through of the Roman baths at Karanis in the Fayum oasis. Includes terrible music, sheep, and a naked guy in a bath tub!

Macquarie University 3D scanned objects
More about the project.

Tombs of Nakht and Menna
Virtual models by Glenn Gunhouse.

Tomb of Nebamun
3D interactive animation by The British Museum.

Tomb of Ramesses III
360 degree photography by Mohamed Attef.

Tomb of Seti I
360 degree photo by Salma ElDardiry.

Tomb of Tutankhamun
3D scan by Factum Arte.

Zamani Project
3D models of African monuments, including the Meroe pyramids.
Virtual reality

Describing Egypt
360 degree virtual reality tours of royal and private tombs, including the tomb of Ramesses VI and Sennedjem, the mastaba of Ptahhotep & Akhethotep and the temple of Isis at Philae. By the awesome photographer Salma ElDardiry.


Puzzle together some Amarna talatat.

Upload your own photos of Middle Kingdom tomb reliefs and paintings.

Contribute to archaeological research by digitizing data.


Hieroglyphic text editor.

Includes selected Egyptian texts, hieroglyphic text editor, dictionary and sign list.

Digital epigraphy

Digital epigraphy
Oriental Institute Publication by Krisztián Vértes and the Epigraphic Survey.