3D Petrie Museum | 3D objects from the Petrie collection.
Amarna 3D | Digital reconstruction of the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna.
Amarna Virtual Museum | 3D models of Amarna objects.
Book of the Dead in 3D | View coffins with Book of the Dead spells in 3D.
British Museum of Sketchfab | 3D models of objects.
Digital Giza | Harvard project with 3D models of the Giza plateau.
Digital Karnak | Maps, videos and 3D models showing the temple’s construction.
Digital Saqqara | Creating a digital landscape model of the Saqqara necropolis.
El-Hibeh | Virtual recreation of the site of el-Hibeh.
Karanis Bath | Fly-through of the Roman baths at Karanis in the Fayum oasis. Includes terrible music, sheep, and a naked guy in a bath tub!
Maya and Meryt | View this awesome statue in 3D.
Ramesseum | CyArk is preparing a 3D model of the Ramesseum at Thebes.
Tombs of Nakht and Menna | Virtual models by Glenn Gunhouse.
Tomb of Nebamun | 3D interactive animation by The British Museum.
Tomb of Tutankhamun | 3D scan by Factum Arte.

360° photography

Amun-Luxor Virtual Tours | Includes the tombs of Pashedu and Tutankhamun, and the Osireion at Abydos.
Describing Egypt | Includes the tombs of Ramesses VI, Horemheb and Sennedjem.
Tomb of Ramses III and Temple of Kom Ombo | By Mohamed Attef Ismail.
Tomb of Seti I | The greatest tomb in the Valley of the Kings.


Djedmontefanch | Zoom in to view this splendid coffin in great detail.


Aton-num | Puzzle together some Amarna talatat.
Meketre | Upload and annotate photos of Middle Kingdom tomb reliefs and paintings.
MicroPasts | Contribute to archaeological research by digitizing data.


BBC Radio 4 In Our Time | With occasional attention to ancient Egypt.
Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt | Very interesting, seems to have ended in 2016.
The History of Egypt Podcast | The story of Egypt as told by Dominic Perry.

Hieroglyph software

Jsesh | Hieroglyphic text editor.
SignWriter | Includes selected texts, hieroglyphic text editor, dictionary and sign list.

Photo software

DStretch | Digital enhancement of pictographs on photos.


Digital epigraphy | Oriental Institute Publication by Krisztián Vértes and the Epigraphic Survey.

Museum search

Egyptological museum search | Search museums by inventory number. A nifty tool by Alexander Ilin-Tomich.


Thot – Thesauri & Ontology | A set of resources for documenting and encoding ancient Egyptian resources in a shared, interoperable approach by Vincent Razanajao.