Thank you for your interest in my story!

At the age of twelve, when visiting Egypt for the first time, I knew I wanted to become an Egyptologist. I also learnt to code and spent most of my time reading, gaming and building websites for fun.

In 2014 I graduated with distinction from a Research MA in Egyptology at Leiden University, with a thesis on two scenes in the Old Kingdom tomb chapel of Hetepherakhty. I furthermore studied Archaeology at BA level while minoring in Journalism and Digital Humanities.

During and after my studies I have worked as a web designer, database developer, communications officer, project manager, archaeologist and tour guide. At the moment I am writing two books: one about the tomb chapel of Hetepherakhty at the National Museum of Antiquities, and a PhD thesis about Fifth Dynasty mastaba tombs. In both endeavours, I am greatly encouraged by Dr. René van Walsem.

My passions include writing, museums and bringing to life the past using digital methods. I also love giving lectures and workshops, traveling to Egypt and photographing tombs.

I am currently based in the Netherlands, but am perfectly willing to travel to exotic locations.

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